Holloway Cements Top Spot as Aldo Drops Another Title Fight


UPDATE on UFC 218.

Short and sweet, former and long-time featherweight champ, Jose “Scarface” Aldo dropped another TKO to Champion Max “Blessed” Holloway this evening. The fight ended in the same round, and in a similar manner as the first contest, with Jose markedly gassed out and getting pummelled from bottom on the ground, and the tireless Holloway rained down strikes until less than 12 second before the end of the 3rd round, Herb “bob marley” Dean stepped in and stopped the damage.

Notably, Jose came in with more leg kicks this time, but not enough to chance the course of the fight. Also, Jose was defending when the fight stopped and put for much more effort to keep the action going, but Herb still felt the need, with approximately 9 seconds left in the round, to stop it.

Last thought. Jose Aldo is in a tough spot. At his age, and height, (5ft 7in tall) it’s going to be difficult to go UP in weight, which is what he would need to do since he’s having MAJOR gassing problems due to his heavy weight cut. Going down further in weight doesn’t look possible at this point. It might be time for the former champ, to take a few gimme fights and work out his current contract until paid in full and retire. No shame in that. Holloway is the real deal, and this fight looked similar to when T.J. Dillishaw took the belt from Aldo’s training partner, and former bantamweight champ, Renan Barao. It just looks like the Nova Uniao style really depends upon speed and that is the first thing to leave a fighter, so unfortunately Aldo’s best days are looking behind him, while the future belongs to speedy fighters such as Holloway.

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Mike Goldberg Cuts Ties With the UFC


Widely regarded as one of the most prominent commentators for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) a mixed martial art promotion company, Mike Goldberg has announced his retirement from color commentary. Having spent over 20 years involved with the UFC and being known as the “voice of the UFC,” Goldberg’s spent his last day at work providing commentary for UFC 207. UFC President Dana White confirmed Goldberg’s departure while refusing to provide any reasoning. This article will recap Goldberg’s time in the UFC while providing speculation behind the abrupt departure of the voice of the UFC.

Originally from North Olmsted, Ohio, Mike Goldberg has a very extensive broadcasting career. Although he was primarily known for his work in the UFC which he began in 1997, Goldberg worked for various respectable media organizations. After working in the broadcasting business for a long time, there are a lot of examples of Goldberg’s broadcasting career outside of the UFC. From a position as the studio host for college football broadcasts on FSN to a lot of posts with the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and a role providing commentary for ESPN2 hockey, Goldberg has worked with a lot of different organizations across his career. The various amount of companies that Goldberg has provided his play by play services for is a testament to his success in the field and raises a lot of red flags behind his unexpected departure from the UFC.


Possible reasons for leaving:

Disclaimer: Before discussing any reasons behind Goldberg’s removal from the UFC, it is paramount to note that any alleged reason behind his removal is speculation until either Goldberg or the UFC make any further announcements. However, this does not mean that speculating is inherently wrong, as many signs point towards the truth regardless of whether it is 100% confirmed or not.

When looking at the reasons behind Goldberg’s removal, it is possible to derive some hints regarding his departure due to some behind the back changes in the UFC. One the main shifts in the organization before the removal was the appointment of a new commentator alongside Goldberg’s usual commentating partner, Joe Rogan. Finding a new person to sit with Rogan shows how the UFC and Dana White were looking for a replacement for Goldberg earlier than expected, meaning that the decision had been done much in advance of UFC 207.

Another symbol of the type of reasons behind Goldberg’s early termination is witness able in his last event. Commenting in UFC 207, Goldberg never had the chance to say his farewells anytime during the competition. This lack of opportunity in his final moments was mostly perceived as a sign of disrespect by many. Goldberg’s son Kole Goldberg took to Twitter and slammed the UFC for not providing any opportunity to give his father a proper goodbye. Whatever Goldberg chooses to do, he will go on as one of the greatest MMA analysys ever having called many of the biggest UFC events of all time.

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