Don’t Call it a Comeback!!!!

BOOOOOM!!!!  We’re back baby! 🙂

Welcome back to all our regulars! Bear with us for the look of the site, but we felt that what was really important was the actual MMA news and chat.  With a 1 week turnaround, it’s not unexpected for things to be rough around the edges.

This site belongs to ALL OF US.  This is as much your site as it is mine and Dr. J’s.  This is a fan site, BY the fans, FOR the fans.  Anything you want to see on the site, we will try and make it happen.  Anything you don’t like about the site, we can change it.  Let me know if you want to contribute articles, share videos, poll the readers or pretty much anything you want.

As it stands, we have zero revenue, but we will still have prizes for the playground even if I have to dig into my own pocket to make it happen.

I love this site, and after all these years, I don’t think I’m the only one.

25 Responses to “Don’t Call it a Comeback!!!!”

  1. MMAKansas says:

    Heck yes Chael should get a rematch, if not, who? Vitor Belfort? He’s fought 1 guy at a CATCHWEIGHT and not a single person in MW.

    Vitor is gonna fight Andy next though, and he’s going to lose.. so Chael will run through Bisping and then a rematch with Andy happens, that’s my opinion.

  2. MMAKansas says:

    got my test comment in there.. oh yeah.. PATRICK? RJ? AMIR? BOLA? BVRASP? DOC? RICHARD? you guys there?

  3. R.J. St.Croix says:

    LMAO jackholerabbit?

  4. bvrasp says:

    Hey boys!

    It has begun!!!!! haha

  5. MMAKansas says:

    @RJ hey now man, don’t be hatin on the JACKHOLE RABBIT!

  6. MMAKansas says:

    Feels like home, only thing missing is a cheesy banner 😉 I am sure BV will accomodate! LOL! – hey don’t forget a link to MMAPlayground so our playground folks can jump on! WHOO!

  7. MMAKansas says:

    I am going to email Patrick – Richard already knows from Playground –

  8. bvrasp says:

    Talking about Sonnen… I don’t think he deserves the immediate rematch. I’m not a fan of those unless something happened, like a cut, horrible decision, etc.

    Sonnen dissed the Nog brothers BJJ, then got submitted by it. Yet he refuses to take anything he said back… He still thinks their BJJ is crap, so what does that say about him????

    I say give Vitor his shot, he might not have climbed the rankings, but look at Hendo. First fight back in the UFC and he fought Rampage for the LHW title. Next fight, he drops down and fight Silva for the MW title.

    I didn’t even mind, because he earned it throughout his whole career and so has Vitor.

    Plus it’s a fight fans want to see.

    • MMAKansas says:

      I guess you have some good points.. I hear Sonnen is fighting Bisping and Vitor IS getting his shot.. you hear that guys? RJ did you hear that too or BV?

  9. bvrasp says:

    LOL Richard is that you???

  10. Dr J says:

    Hey guys, welcome “back”

  11. R.J. St.Croix says:

    i wanna say a big THANK YOU! to Doc for this site, i truly appreciate the stuff you do for us (past, present, and future) and im sure the rest of the crew agrees with.

    and also to BV, your efforts have not went unnoticed (at least with me lol) you where IMO key to keeping MMAHQ (the dot com) the site we wanted to go to and now your playing a big role in giving us back the site that we are getting taken from us.


  12. MMAKansas says:

    I saw where it says Amir posted 1 comment, what was that? It’s not showing up….

  13. MMAKansas says:

    @Doc and BV – DITTO what R.J. St.Croix said

  14. R.J. St.Croix says:

    yeah Amir did leave a comment, its around here somewhere lol. im sure things will be a bit wacky around here for a week or two, but no biggie.

  15. richard says:

    what up guys…i dont care about the prizes i just love to play.

  16. Susie says:

    I know nothing ? LOL !!!!!! I was wactnihg MMA before MMA was cool douchebag. And coming from a fag who’s Youtube name is WarDiaz and has a picture of that punk Nick Diaz .. Im not even gonna pay attention to your opinions. You can respond and be heard when Anderson knocks a couple more people out with that kick ( even if he’s able to do it just ONCE ) then I will concede defeat. Until then, that was a fluke ass KO and you and all other Anderson bandwagon fans can deal with it.

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