Anderson Silva on UFC Cribs – shows off his home (video)

6 Responses to “Anderson Silva on UFC Cribs – shows off his home (video)”

  1. MMAKansas says:

    I thought Anderson had some pretty humble digs considering he’s currently the longest title defender in the UFC .. I mean he’s been Champ since 2006 and he’s never been beaten in the UFC…. and his home looks a lot like the one I was renting in Brazil when I lived there….

    • bvrasp says:

      Yeah, humble guy, humble pad. Most of his millwork is white melamine, the cheapest material you can get. He sprang for the marble counter in the kitchen though, top end stuff, but still pretty common for kitchens.

      One thing to note, Anderson is a PS3 man… booooo!! xbox FTW! hehe

  2. mmayse says:

    Well this is what his third house? I’m sure he spent most of his money on watches, pink shirts, and cars. ;)My xbox has broken three times since I got it, my PS3 has never had a problem. I love them both for different reasons. Quality wise PS3 > Xbox. Free wifi, free online play, and the controller is smaller. Just a few reasons I like ps3 a little more now days.

    • MMAKansas says:

      Free Online play and Wi-Fi? wow .. I got gipped. . course when I came back stateside from Brazil years ago. . they were both NEW systems and I gambled on the American based system, (made in china 😉 ) and it has been so far, so good.

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