President Obama Responds To Jacob Volkmann’s Challenge

Ariel Helwani interviews Jacob “Christmas” Volkmann after his win over Antonio McKee at UFC 125. Volkmann discusses his victory over McKee then, around the 3 min mark, Volkmann calls out President Obama.

As an MMA enthusiast, Obama watched this event live and he was subsequently made aware of Volkmann’s comments. Even more interesting was the fact that Obama decided to respond to Volkmann in an interview.

His name is Jacob Volkmann.  They call him Christmas cause people say he looks like the idiot from ‘Dumb and Dumber.  Man, look at dude’s hair cut. I think we need to enact a stimulus plan so he can stop going to Supercuts at the mall.  Maybe we do need to keep these tax cuts.

Hold on, hold on, hold on, this dude called me an idiot? Lemme get this straight. I’m the idiot?  He’s fighting for peanuts and no health care while moonlighting rubbing men’s backs and I’m putting out fires around the world and I’m the idiot? I went to Harvard Law fool.

I’ll tell you this, uh, he can come fight me anytime he wants I’m not worried about him.  I may not have a black belt, but I do have a black foot and I will put it straight up his ass.

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15 Responses to “President Obama Responds To Jacob Volkmann’s Challenge”

  1. richard says:

    NO WAY

  2. Amir says:

    “Christmas” is absolutely 100% right, electing Obama president of this great country is deplorable. Nice to see someone not scared to criticize “his greatness”. Of course, now Volkmann is going to be labeled a redneck racist for his views of reality.
    As a healthcare worker, I just got my new health benefits card from work and guess what, my co-pay has gone up from
    $15 to $20 per visit.
    Where are MY saving Mr. President? should I quit my job, stop paying my mortgage and go on welfare to get the benefits you and your cronies decided on?

  3. Amir says:

    Just goes to show how petty and pathetic this Harvard law idiot really is by putting down a hard-working, blue-collar MMA fighter.
    A REAL President would have never even responded to this criticism, but, then again when your inflated ego writes so many checks the govt. can’t cash, this is what we get as citizens. Record unemployment, record spending, record deficits.

    • MMAKansas says:

      Amir I agree man .. and the lefties that are embarrassed by their choice can stop saying “All presidents are crooked and the same” in order to sound non-partisan or employ a veiled defense of their elected idiot in chief…. Obama is worse than Reagan, worse than Clinton, and has spent more than Bush with his stupid wars, so yes, worse than him too.. Good for Volkmann..

  4. Soog says:

    That’s just awesome. I get a kick out of people that get so riled up about any president. Face it, all of them are crooks and just a face to a system. Wish they’d leave that shit out of my MMA sites dammit. See enough of that crap everywhere else.

  5. mmayse says:

    I don’t want to sound like one of the lefties Kansas was talking about, but politicians are all the same. We wouldn’t be in a better place if a Republican or a different Democrat was in the White House. Anyone who is elected is going to be hated on for something. They’re just someone to blame. Every president that was mentioned has had major flaws. Like Soog said. They’re just a face in a broken system. Also keep those clowns off our site! LOL 😉

  6. Amir says:

    I’m sorry but I refuse to even mention this knucklehead’s name in the same breath or sentence as Ronald Reagan, one the greatest Presidents the world has ever had, who was beloved on both sides of the aisle.
    Clinton had his good years and bad and we are continually paying for his NAFTA initiatives and reprehensible moral values and character. But, I guess the media gives Bubba a free pass from scrutiny.
    Yes, most politicians are deplorable human beings, but, as an immigrant to this country, in all my 26 years here, I have never seen so much partisanship and anti-American sentiment INSIDE THE COUNTRY ITSELF.
    I suppose free speech only applies when liberal scum burn American flags and protest wars but not when it’s anti-Obama.
    (Jacob Volkmann will probably now be spied on by the CIA)

    I’ve also never seen so much anti-Christian,
    pro-Muslim-ism either.
    People escaped fundamentalist Islamic countries to come to America only to see it spread like a virus here too from inside the Oval office.

    • mmayse says:

      We can tell who the Republicans on the site are. 😉 Also Obama’s response is fake, you do know that right? FYI I’m not a Dem or a Rep. Read up on President Reagan before saying he was the best president ever man. Like I said he did some great things, and did horrible things. Just like most presidents.

      • R.J. St.Croix says:

        i grew up in the 80s as a pre-teen, and i dont think i ever heard anyone (even on TV) say something good about Regan.

      • mmayse says:

        That’s what they do. They just criticize whoever is in office.

  7. R.J. St.Croix says:

    are you fuckin kidding me?!?! lmao this is quickly becoming pro-rasslin. i can see it now, Obama vs. Volkmann with Dana as the special guest ref lol.

    how the hell does the leader of a country (not to mention the most powerful country in the world lol) justify responding to anyone like hes hyping up a cage fight lol.

    • mmayse says:

      It’s not real. I’m almost positive. I can’t find anything saying that response from Obama is real. He wouldn’t say that, being the president. He’s not as dumb as Bush. 😉

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