TUF 13 Tryouts (Video Highlights)

Wow! This should be a great season.  Andre Galvao looks great here but I’m most excited about Wanderlei Silva’s protege Vitor Vianna, and as of this moment, I’m picking him to win the entire tournament.  It’s really nice to see a season of TUF featuring fighters who you actually know and can actually be a force once they enter the UFC.  That’s why “the comeback” season was so successful.  Throw Brock Lesnar into the mix and we have a season that appeals to both hardcore and casual fans… That’s a recipe for success.

3 Responses to “TUF 13 Tryouts (Video Highlights)”

  1. MMAKansas says:

    HECK YES! TUF HAS BEEN RE-BORN AMIGOS! I was getting tired of it but this kind of reinvigorates the whole thing ..

  2. mmayse says:

    I’ve enjoyed them all. I agree though, this season is going to be really good.

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