Anderson Silva vs George St.Pierre

Dana White announces Anderson Silva vs George St.Pierre (2:00)

“After Anderson Silva wins that fight on the 5th and then Georges St. Pierre needs to beat Jake Shields in Toronto; if that happens then we’re probably going to do that fight. Alright? So if they both win then that fight makes all the sense in the world. And Georges St.Pierre said he’d move up to 185 and stay there.”

3 Responses to “Anderson Silva vs George St.Pierre”

  1. richard says:

    WOW,but they both has some tuff competition on there plates especially silva

  2. MMAKansas says:

    Dude my neck, clavical, and collarbone.. and my traps muscles hurt on the left side.. and I have glove rash on my face from getting hit so much today .. learned in full contact kickboxing that after 30 you can’t always rely on speed, gotta keep them hands up.. course I hit back and the other dudes were like.. damn that’s power homie.. lol.. anyways .. just thought I would get that out.. my wife does’t really get into my trainings..

  3. mmayse says:

    Good to hear, but what if they both lose, or one of them wins, and one of them loses?

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