MMAHQ Fight Camp Update

How about that event last night folks! I might not be a fan of Facebook, but I’m definitely a fan of 4 preliminary bouts shown live. We got to see almost every single fight on the card, and there was barely a dull moment all night. Matt Wiman did a great job shutting down the submissions of Cole Miller, he also pretty much threw him a beating the entire fight. That’s what the fans and the UFC brass want to see, a high energy fight with finishes in mind. Barry had a slow start against Beltran but he picked it up in the later rounds after the leg kicks started taking their toll. How one of the judges scored this fight 30-27 for Barry I’ll never know. Mark Hominick showed why he’s one of the best fighters to ever come out of Canada by picking Roop apart and finally knocking him out. It seemed like a bit of an early stoppage, but after Roop got to his feet, it was clear that the referee made the right call. With this win, Hominick has earned himself a shot at Jose Aldo’s title, which should be an amazing battle, can’t wait for that one. As expected, Mitrione and Hague went right after it in a very exciting period of action. I am very impressed with the progress that Mitrione has made since TUF, who is now calling himself the heavyweight Dominick Cruz. Guillard looked great on Saturday night, he showed all the speed, power and technique that it takes to become a champion. There was a moment in the action when Guillard went a bit wild and he landed an illegal knee right at the end of the fight. Nothing controversial there, but I’m sure Greg Jackson will have some choice words for him about maintaining his composure.

Our camp did very well in this event with more than half the camp scoring above 40 points. Great job by brokenbrain who put up a big score for this event which positions him in the top 10 overall for our camp. RDreidger did well but he came up a bit short on this event which opened the door for our new overall leader LogicalDreams, who showed great consistency throughout the season. This pushed robnashville back to 3rd place and botl435 managed to snag the 4th place spot with a great score for this event. The 5th place position is still held by gfish who is within 20 points of the lead, poised and ready to make his move. Half the team is well within striking distance of the leader, and with 4 events still left in the season, anything can happen.

MVP’s for this event

broken brain : Who had a great score for this event which put him in the top 10.

LogicalDreams :
Our new leader. His consistency has carried him over RDreidger right to the top.

UFC Fight for the troops 2 Points

1. brokenbrain – 68
2. rugerman308 – 66
3. PrideFCfan – 65
4. botl435 – 58
5. gfish – 55

UFC Fight for the troops 2 Wagers

1. gfish – $ 910
2. mmayse – $ 506
3. PrideFCfan – $ 503
4. JN1646 – $ 481
5. lilgunned – $ 385

Overall Points

1. LogicalDreams – 296
2. RDreidger – 287
3. robnashville – 282
4. botl435 – 281
5. gfish – 278

Overall Wagers

1. nomomrnicekyle – $ 923,574
2. silva18 – $ 10,625
3. MMAKansas – $ 5,167
4. Patrick – $ 4,669
5. PrideFCfan – $ 4,557

REMINDER : Our next event will be in just two weeks from now, UFC 126 on Feb 5th. Should be a great event, so don’t forget to get your picks in. Great job everyone, and good luck on the next event.

9 Responses to “MMAHQ Fight Camp Update”

  1. MMAKansas says:

    Mitrione’s straight left is sic dudes.. I mean.. wow .. that guy throws it and doesn’t even turn his body into it and it’ll knock you out man.. very dangerous hands.. I would like to see him and Pat Barry go at it.. I have a feeling Pat would get finished due to Mitriones speed and foot work, unable to establish the leg kicks or a head kick on a man much taller than him, he would resort to punching and then he’d get nailed because mitrione has such a vast reach advantage.. I hope it happens after Mitrione’s broken hand gets all healed up.

    • richard says:

      CALM DOWN,mitrione didnt look that great those punches were catching hague off balance i didnt see the guy really rocked i mean he gave up like a puss but i doubt if he was physically hurt,the guy just looks awkward let him fight a real striker and i guarantee hes getting KTFO

      • MMAKansas says:

        Richard, I am calm lol, not sure why you needed to put that in caps but that’s your perogative. Mitrione did look good, not TOP TEN CONTENDER good but he did knock dude out and yes his straight left is pretty brutal, I say if Pat Barry goes into that fight with the same exhausted gas tank as he had in last nights fight, he gasses by round two.. end of the round and Mitrione puts the pressure on him and ends his night… hard to argue when Mitrione is finishing and Pat isn’t..

      • bvrasp says:

        I think Mitrione looked good that night, not because of his technical proficiency so much as his physical attributes. I think he’s really got something there by trying to emulate Cruz. Of course he will never be as fast as Cruz but if he’s training at that kind of pace everyday, he can only get better and better.

        Remember, this is a guy who only has 4 MMA fights! I was very impressed with his progress. He has a huge hole in his ground game, but with his strength and explosive speed, wrestling could be a great way for him to keep fights standing.

  2. Maxx says:

    I’m glad to see everyone is still here and the site is back in good hands. I stopped coming around because I didn’t care for the new site much. I then nearly quit watching mma because of a new job and a time I put in at another website I work for. However I have not missed a PPV for the last couple months and I’ll be back on fantasy league starting with the next UFC. Don’t add me back tot he team just yet though if you’ve taken me off. I want to make sure I can still make regular picks. I’ve missed this site quite a bit. Hope I can stick around.

    • MMAKansas says:


      Good to see you back man.. it’s taken a while for everyone to finally realize there is a .net now and that it’s “US”.

      Look forward to seeing your picks on playground.

    • bvrasp says:

      @Maxx great to see you back man. Old school HQ guys are always welcome on this site.

  3. mmayse says:

    Mitrione vs Barry makes total sense. Both are strikers, both don’t really have a ground game, and really anybody else with any sort of wrestling/ground game, would decision them easy. It’s hard to argue Mitriones power. He knocked Tim on his ass twice, and finished him.

    • bvrasp says:

      Yeah, I would love to see Mitrione vs Barry. For so many years, the UFC was making these Striker vs Grappler matches happen and it almost always leads to boring clich and wrestling matches.



      That’s whats up! Once guys start breaking into the top 10, then put the highest ranked guy together regardless of style. While they’re still outside the top 10, just put together great fights for the fans.

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