New MMAHQ Poll : UFC 129 George St.Pierre vs Jake Shields


In our previous poll, the majority of our readers chose Mauricio Rua to retain his title against Jon Jones.  In the end, Jones won a very one sided fight at UFC 128 by knocking out “Shogun” in the 3rd round.

Previous poll results

Who will be the light heavyweight champion after UFC 128?

63% Mauricio Rua

37% Jon Jones


For our new poll, I’m asking you to choose between the current welterweight champion George St.Pierre and Jake Shields.  This fight will take place at the inauguralUFC event in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  Can the champ retain his belt yet again? or will Strikeforce import Jake Shields shock the world and become the new champion?

Who will be the welterweight champion after UFC 129?

1. George St.Pierre

2. Jake Shields

6 Responses to “New MMAHQ Poll : UFC 129 George St.Pierre vs Jake Shields”

  1. MMAKansas says:

    Eh .. probably GSP but I think that Jake has a good chance, better than any, because the crippling point for most opponents has been takedowns and takedown defense, for Jake, the key will be to take down GSP and just suffocate him, ala GSP .. he has the best chance of any so far to do that IMO because of his height and he will come in with a weight advantage pretty sure.. reach goes to GSP (76in vs Jakes 72in) – that will also play a huge factor in takedowns, if Jakes arms can’t get around a waist, single or double leg, then he’s screwed….. GSP is the safe bet, but Jake has a pretty darn good chance of beating GSP.

    • richard says:

      hey kansas never knew u loved liddel so much i bet ur bummed hes retired…..Now i think jake has a better than good thance i mean he out wrestled hendo and that says something

      • MMAKansas says:

        haha .. I picked Dennis’ old avatar just to let you feel good about this.. but it sucks lol .. I will win next time maybe hehe..

  2. mmayse says:

    This is going to be a good fight. Both have great wrestling, and jj, but GSP seems to have better striking. I’m excited for this fight/card.

  3. bvrasp says:

    Me and Richard already have a C-note on the line, but I’m still open for an avatar bet on GSP vs Shields.

    Of course, I got GSP to win… Any Takers?

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