Donations for MMAHQ

Most of you have probably noticed the new donation button on the top right of the page right below our Facebook and Twitter links.  Some members of the site have expressed an interest in donating to the site and we would be remiss in failing to accommodate them.

All donations will be going towards the site in the form of prizes for our fight camp winners, T-shirts and helping with hosting and development costs currently being shouldered by Dr.J.

If you want to help us out and contribute a few bucks to the site, just click on the donate button.  It will take you right to paypal which is the most secure way of transferring funds on the internet.  You can donate using an existing paypal account, or with a credit card.  If you don’t have a paypal account, I highly recommend it.

Personally, I’m really glad that you guys like what we’re doing here and I want to extend my thanks to all the contributors on the site who write articles and post up videos for everyone’s enjoyment.

If you don’t have any money to spare but you would still like to contribute to the site, send me an Email at to find out how to become a writer or contributor.

8 Responses to “Donations for MMAHQ”

  1. banned says:

    i really wish i could help but i’m off work on disability not making near what i did. maybe we can sell more add space. or maybe ask the playground for help.

  2. richard says:

    i will give something after i find out if its going to be a 100 or a 20

  3. brokenbrain says:

    @bvrasp – I’d be happy to mail you a cheque, money order, or cash to contribute to the site/prizes.

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