Vitor Vianna Signs with Bellator FC (Updated)

2nd degree BJJ black belt Vitor Vianna signed with the Bellator fighting championship earlier this week. Vianna started his career as a very successful BJJ player earning many championships before he started competing in MMA. He was quickly scooped up by MMA legend Wanderlei Silva and he now serves as the head coach for Wand fight team. Wanderlei has taken Vianna under his wing and is personally seeing to the development of a solid striking game to compliment the already world class BJJ skills of Vianna.

Vitor’s MMA record is 10-1-1 with his only loss coming from an arm injury he sustained during his fight against the very dangerous Thiago Silva. Since then, Vianna has won three in a row, all by stoppage in the 1st round. While it would have been nice to see Vitor jump right into the UFC, it looks like he will be honing his abilities in the forge that is Bellator. Rumor has it that Vianna will take part in an upcoming middleweight tournament held by Bellator later in the year. He hopes to show what he’s really made of by winning the tournament and challenging for Hector Lombard’s title. That is quite a feat, considering that Lombard is an absolute beast and I can’t even remember the last time he lost a fight.

All the best to Vitor, and I can’t wait to see that fight!

UPDATE: Apparantly, Bellator has signed yet another instructor from Wand fight team.  Muay thai instructor and BJJ black belt under Rafael Cordeiro, Michael Costa will be throwing his hat into the Bellator ring.

Quite an interesting development, with Vianna at middleweight, and Costa at welterweight, the Wand fight team may be looking to corner the market in Bellator.  But they will have their work cut out for them because Bellator is no small show in terms of quality opponents.  It’s almost like the second coming of the younger generation of Chute Boxe fighters, some great fights are in store for 2011.

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  1. richard says:

    heres the avatar bet i think

    • bvrasp says:

      LOL I know that picture, good choice Banned.

    • MMAKansas says:

      OH NOEZ .. lol .. not the GEIGHZ!!!???

    • Banned says:

      not sure who that guy is that is kissing shields but its a funny pic cause shields is sitting on his lap and drinkin a girlie drink lol

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        The story behind that picture is this.

        Shields was at this club with one of his training partners and they were goofing around pretending to be gay. There’s pictures of Shields also kissing the other dude, etc..

        I guess Jake is pretty secure about his sexuality. I mean, we can joke around on the internet, but you go tell him that he’s gay to his face hehe.

  2. mmayse says:

    Good shit! Didn’t know he was the same guy sparring with wand in the videos I’ve seen recently. Hopefully they all find success.

  3. bvrasp says:

    For those of you who are having trouble posting up videos, give it a try now, I changed something… Let me know if ti works.

  4. Banned says:

    im using a new pc so it may be on my end maybe theres an update i need or something.

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