Fight Camp Update: UFC on Fox 3

What a great night of fights. It just makes me think about the old “ultimate fight night” free events, which were terrible compared to the free events we have now. I can’t remember an event that was so well matched, top to bottom. Although Barry was able to counter Johnson a few times, he never caught him clean enough to get the job done. It was Johnson who implemented his game, controlling Barry against the cage and unloading on him with his long straight punches for a 1st round knockout. How about Alan Belcher?! It seemed as if nobody had the answer for Palhares’ powerful leg locks, but it was the 10th planet JJ possessed by Belcher which left Palhares baffled. Belcher utilized the truck position to not only shut down Palhares sub game, but also to attempt some submissions of his own, including the banana split, and the crotch ripper. At one point in the fight, Belcher was one step away from finishing Palhares with a twister, and I almost lost my mind at that moment. It’s a shame that Belcher didn’t win any sort of post fight award, but he did an amazing job, finishing off Palhares with some heavy punches and elbows in the closing seconds of the 1st round. Koscheck and Hendricks had a very good back and forth scrap. Hats off to both fighters, but I was really impressed with the chin of Koscheck in that fight, he took quite a beating and kept moving forward. In the end, Hendricks picked up the decision, and Koscheck’s eye looked like he had broken his orbital bone again. Nate Diaz looked absolutely spectacular, he controlled the striking as expected, but most impressive was his takedown defense and physical strength. Most people thought Miller would be the stronger man in the cage, but that wasn’t the case, Diaz controlled every aspect of the fight. Miller was trying desperately to get a takedown near the end of the end round, and Diaz let him have it, but with a guillotine choke thrown into the mix. It wasn’t long before Miller was tapping, with Diaz heading for a title shot.


Fight of the night: Louis Gaudinot vs John Lineker

Knockout of the night: Lavar Johnson

Submission of the night: Nate Diaz

This was a tough event to predict, as most of the fights were evenly matched, but some people in our camp did quite well. Always somewhere in the top half of the camp, silva18 is leading the pack with a solid 64 points last night. Another long time member of our camp BJPennFan was right behind him with 63 points, settling into the 2nd place position. Both a points and wagers juggernaught, nomomrnicekyle makes his presence felt with 63 points, all tied up with BJPennFan at 2nd place. Site writer Banned2 wasn’t fooled by some of the tough matchups last night, as he logs a very nice 60 points to secure the 4th place spot. Rounding out the top 5 is RearNakedSmoke just a single point behind with 59 points, atta boy smoke. The rest of the pack is in hot pursuit, looking to reshuffle the standings by the end of our next event.


1 64 silva18
2 63 BJPennFan
2 63 nomomrnicekyle
4 60 Banned2
5 59 RearNakedSmoke
6 58 bebop2109
6 58 lilgunned
6 58 dj_yaz
9 57 houks
10 56 Mr_Ramen
11 55 chim55
12 54 mmayse
13 52 Paquet90
14 51 Falcons84
15 50 RJStCroix
15 50 robnashville


1 $2,693 mmayse
2 $2,140 RodgerRamrod
3 $2,046 MMAKansas
4 $1,815 Mr_Ramen
5 $1,235 Paquet90
6 $1,129 spades888
7 $675 chosen141
8 $472 ferdayz
9 $385 nomomrnicekyle
10 $380 silva18
11 $330 chim55
12 $325 houks
12 $325 RearNakedSmoke
14 $310 lilgunned
15 $305 robnashville
15 $305 bebop2109
15 $305 dj_yaz

REMINDER: Our next event is UFC on Fuel TV, which takes place on Tuesday, May 15th.  Good work everyone, and good luck for the next event.

6 Responses to “Fight Camp Update: UFC on Fox 3”

  1. Paquet90 says:

    not a bad first event in this new camp for me

  2. MMAKansas says:

    Welcome aboard Paquet90 – you did well on both bets and picks man.

  3. botl435 says:

    I don’t know what happened to me.. gotta step up my game..

    • chosen141 says:

      I feel ya Bolt435

      This event started off good and on my first 6 fights i had a total of 48 points.
      Last five fights i got five donuts ,,,,DAMM IT !!!

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