Fight Camp Update: UFC on FX 3

We had a pretty rough start to UFC on FX 3, with a very slow paced preliminary card, but thankfully, the main card was action packed. It was the defensive wrestling of Wineland that allowed him to put his excellent striking to work, knocking out the very tough Jorgensen with a beautiful right hand. Neer had Pyle hurt against the cage, and when he moved in to finish the job, Pyle beat him to the punch with a monstrous right hand and Neer was knocked unconscious by a single blow. Brenneman was unrelenting with his takedowns, but Silva unloaded some huge punches and kicks, ultimately submitting a rocked Brenneman with a tight rear naked choke. McCall and Johnson put on yet another exciting, high paced fight. Johnson started off strong, countering McCall brilliantly and racking up points with his high volume of punches. McCall did not have the same success with his trips and takedowns as he did in their first fight, and I really think that is what made the difference. In the end, it was Johnson winning a clear decision, and he moves on to face Benavidez for the title.

Coming in 1st place for this event was Paquet90 who has shown great consistency, averaging in the high 60 range throughout the season. In 2nd place is the skyrocketing houks, who flew up the rankings and has established himself as a real threat this season. Snatching 3rd place is MMAHQ stalwart RJStCroix, although he hit a few stumbling blocks, his resolve is unshakable. Just outside the top 3 for this event is EllisD1, this guy basically got lucky and you will likely never hear his name again 🙂 Rounding out the top 5 is the Celtic warrior chim55, he watched this event wearing a kilt and a rash guard. Good job fellas.

We have a new points leader, with a 25 point spread between him and the next runner up, Paquet90 made good on his promise to dominate this season. Awesome job paq, now lets see if you can maintain the lead as we are already halfway through the season. Moving up 9 positions in 2 events, our current silver medalist is houks, great comeback my friend! Previous leader Silva18 is bumped down to 3rd, but he is not too worried about it… Tied for 4th place, RJStCroix and RampageisReal are battling it out for a spot on the podium. lilgunned drops down a spot to 5th place, well situated to make his move on the frontrunners. Halfway through the season, the rankings have been shuffled around constantly, much like the UFC heavyweight division. Only time will tell who our next champion will be – stay tuned!


1 70 Paquet90
2 69 houks
3 68 RJStCroix
4 66 EllisD1
5 64 chim55
6 62 Tripp_2
7 60 LogicalDreams
8 58 tylerdurdin83
9 56 dj_yaz
10 55 robnashville
11 54 BJPennFan
11 54 ferdayz
13 52 Mr_Ramen
14 50 mmayse
14 50 dan-o1


1 $3,298 Paquet90
2 $1,722 dan-o1
3 $1,710 silva18
4 $1,337 bennymma1
5 $1,145 Mr_Ramen
6 $653 Tripp_2
7 $529 lilgunned
8 $350 RJStCroix
9 $330 dj_yaz
10 $325 ferdayz
10 $325 chim55
12 $310 EllisD1
13 $288 brokenbrain
14 $280 machida949
15 $265 LogicalDreams
15 $265 way2swayzee7


1 320 Paquet90
2 295 houks
3 287 silva18
4 283 RJStCroix
4 283 RampageisReal
5 282 lilgunned
6 276 Banned2
7 274 EllisD1
8 270 robnashville
9 264 nomomrnicekyle
10 262 BJPennFan
11 259 machida949
12 255 bebop2109
13 252 Mr_Ramen
14 250 dan-o1
15 247 LogicalDreams
15 247 chim55
15 247 mrbty


1 $11,749 silva18
2 $9,979 Paquet90
3 $4,530 RearNakedSmoke
4 $4,407 Mr_Ramen
5 $3,547 dan-o1
6 $3,546 MMAKansas
7 $3,336 lilgunned
8 $3,002 ferdayz
9 $2,725 mmayse
10 $2,572 bennymma1
11 $2,570 RJStCroix
12 $2,440 EllisD1
13 $2,430 machida949
14 $2,420 mrbty
15 $2,405 bebop2109

REMINDER: Our next event takes place on Friday, June 22.  Keep an eye out for my preview and treat it as a reminder to get yours picks done in time.  Good luck.

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  1. Paquet90 says:

    wow didnt think i was going to do that well this event but i think i need to start betting more also im really happ for wineland awesome fight and he deserves it

  2. houks says:

    been floating around the top4 for the past seasons. Need to cap that gold this season!!!!

  3. houks says:


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