TUF Brazil: Episode 12 (Video)

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  1. Banned says:

    anyone know what roy nelson is talking about onfb? “Long weekend, but starting a new journey tomorrow, can’t wait. Good things to come. Thx #fans UFC (@ufc) WWE (@WWE) IMPACT WRESTLING (@IMPACTWRESTLING) and Supporters”

    • MMAKansas says:

      Well since his sig thanked WWE and Impact wraslin’ I would guess that he’s either cut from UFC and going the way of Brock Lesnar or he’s going to moonlight on the side for a wraslin’ organization since he begged for top 5 heavyweights, and got beat by every single one he’s fought. Who has Nelson beaten that’s really worth a flip? Got whipped by Mir, Dos Santos, and Fabricio Werdum.. but won in fights against glass jaw Struve, glass jaw Mirko, and not even ranked Dave Herman. He’s lucky at this point that the UFC keeps his complaining 3-3 butt around.. The fact is he’ll never be top 5 in the UFC, and his best days are LONG GONE… he’s a gate keeper at best.. just because the top 5 guys didn’t finish him, doesn’t mean that he’s a good fighter, it just means he’s a human punching bag that can take a lot of shots while gassed out after 3 minutes…

      • MMAKansas says:

        Sorry for coming off rude on your boy, but the joke that was “Big Country” got old when he started getting the big fights, and gassing 1 minute into them…. He needs to do something about his weight issues, and body fat issues if he wants to continually fight guys that are serious about winning world titles.. I was a fan, but the fat joke thing got stale.. especially after that fight with Mir.. dear lord that was unbearable..

      • Banned says:

        im a roy fan but i dont swing from his nuts. i was just wondering whats gioing on i havent heard anything about him leaving ufc. guess ill watch raw tonight and see if he shows up.

  2. MMAKansas says:

    Banned are you sure you weren’t ‘gatties’ in a former life???

  3. Banned says:

    looks like Roy is wanting to be a pro wrestler. he posted this on fb “First day of my journey blew went down 2 Adrenaline Unleashed (@AUWRESTLINGLV) 2 work on my education, doors locked, will try other school” the school he is talking about is a pro wrestling/sports entertainment school.

  4. Banned says:

    this is what Roy is saying now “I want to learn, & become a student & to become a better fighter, Add new tools It got Brock the UFC (@ufc) Championship, now its my turn”

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