Here Comes The Boom: Movie Trailer (Video)

The new MMA themed movie by huge MMA fan Kevin James co-stars Salma Hayek, and also features Joe Rogan, Bas Rutten, and several MMA fighters and personalities. The release date has been pushed back, but as of this moment, it is set to air in the USA on October 12, 2012.

11 Responses to “Here Comes The Boom: Movie Trailer (Video)”

  1. chosen141 says:

    seems its gonna be good .

    BASITO !

  2. MMAKansas says:

    That looks funny.. for sure I will see it.

  3. chosen141 says:

    All though Im not sure if its good or not for the UFC !
    From what we saw in the preview of the film it shows some fat good guy that wants to make easy money and the UFC is the only way ?! Hmmm !

    Like pple say , if its mma related im watching it .

    When is it coming out ,anyone know ?

  4. Banned says:

    kj looks like he got in pretty good shape for the movie at least for him. it looks pretty god imo cant wait to see it

  5. MMAKansas says:

    Dudes got friggin guns man.. what the heck, fat boys in shape!

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