UFC 149: Pre-Fight Press Conference (Video)

3 Responses to “UFC 149: Pre-Fight Press Conference (Video)”

  1. chosen141 says:

    I think Dana might be on something that Rogan takes 😛
    Did u guys see how pumped he is ?
    Did u guys notice that when Ebersole asked if he can give his 4 tickets to the youth of Canada and then it gets cut off ? Anyone know whats up with that ?

    Very fun when little girl said “i love you”
    Kongo was blushing 😛

    • brokenbrain says:

      Yeah, the Ebersole thing was weird. Maybe they had to cut away from whatever/whoever got the tix for legal reasons.
      Maybe Dana did a bump or two before the press conf:)

  2. chosen141 says:

    hmmm… :/

    legal reasons ? imo i doubt it !
    It seems more likely that fans started going crazy and maybe something went wrong !
    Why am i so curious about this ? LOL

    Anyways, u all have a good morning and hope to see a good event .

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