Fight Camp Update: UFC 149

That was a pretty crazy event last night.  Particularly upsetting were some of the judges decisions, like Nick Ring over Court McGee.  Anyways, as the saying goes, never leave it in the hands of the judges (because they’re incompetent).  Jimmo made good on his octagon debut, winning knockout of the night, and now tied for the fastest knockout in UFC history at 7 seconds.  Riddle took home the win and a much deserved submission of the night award.  Ebersole was robbed by the judges, not much else to say about that one.  Kongo kept the pressure on Jordan, focusing on sapping the energy of his portly opponent, ultimately securing the decision win.  Lombard decided to change his entire style last night, from being an aggressive wrecking machine, to pretty much just standing around pretending to hold the mitts for Boetsch.  That’s no way to get yourself a title shot at Anderson Silva, and that’s why I’m against immediate title shots of that nature.  Faber vs Barao puzzled me a bit too, it seemed like Faber was content to get out-struck all night without ever changing up his strategy.  After the fight though, it started to come out that Faber had a rib injury and etc, so he couldn’t perform up to his, blah blah.  Although some of the guys on the undercard really delivered, this was a terrible PPV event.

“of the night” Awards ($65,000)

Fight of the Night: Bryan Caraway vs. Mitch Gagnon

Knockout of the Night: Ryan Jimmo

Submission of the Night: Matt Riddle

UFC 149

Topping the charts for this event, we have a tie for 1st place between chim55 and bboy0835, both scoring 55 points on a difficult event to predict.  RodgerRamrod comes in 3rd with 52, followed by bebop2109 in 4th place with 49 points.  We’ve got another tie for 5th place, between BJPennFan and RearNakedSmoke, they each score 45 points respectively.  Our entire camp did poorly on this event, and the top half was mostly guys who picked Barao over Faber, which ended up being the hot bout.  Fret not chums, there’s only 1 event left in the season and we start fresh after that.


Paquet90 is still leading our camp, his 20 point lead was reduced to 7 last night, mostly due to the Faber vs Barao outcome. Here comes houks! he’s got to be riding this wave of momentum now, greatly narrowing the margin between him and Paquet90 going into our last event of the season.  Not to be overlooked is nomomrnicekyle who was 26 points behind last event, but has cut that number right in half, now just 13 points behind houks.  EllisD1 maintains his 4th place position, and although he lost a little ground in terms of contention for the championship, he’s still within striking distance of a top 3 finish.  Rounding out our overall top 5, RampageisReal makes a last ditch effort to catapult himself into the money list.  It’s been a pretty rough season, and nobody has come out of this one unscathed, but it was also pretty damn good and more competitive than ever.  The dramatic conclusion to our testosterone fueled contest comes to an end in 2 weeks from now, and one of our top 5 will be declared season champion!


1 55 chim55
1 55 bboy0835
3 52 RodgerRamrod
4 49 bebop2109
5 45 BJPennFan
5 45 RearNakedSmoke
7 44 RJStCroix
8 43 lilgunned
8 43 nomomrnicekyle
10 40 machida949
10 40 Mr_Ramen
12 39 mmayse
13 38 LogicalDreams
13 38 RampageisReal
13 38 brokenbrain
16 36 way2swayzee7


1 $26,303 nomomrnicekyle
2 $6,621 silva18
3 $3,560 mmayse
4 $1,716 Banned2
5 $1,673 way2swayzee7
6 $1,660 lilgunned
7 $1,295 tylerdurdin83
8 $1,279 dan-o1
9 $1,225 ferdayz
10 $908 RodgerRamrod
11 $904 RJStCroix
12 $260 bebop2109
13 $255 bboy0835
14 $240 BJPennFan
14 $240 chim55


1 570 Paquet90
2 563 houks
3 550 nomomrnicekyle
4 527 EllisD1
5 514 RampageisReal
6 513 RJStCroix
7 499 robnashville
8 495 bvrasp
9 494 dan-o1
10 492 silva18
11 489 tylerdurdin83
12 478 RodgerRamrod
13 474 way2swayzee7
14 473 lilgunned
15 472 brokenbrain


1 $26,683 nomomrnicekyle
2 $10,274 Paquet90
3 $9,138 silva18
4 $7,663 RearNakedSmoke
5 $5,551 dan-o1
6 $4,583 mmayse
7 $4,421 ferdayz
8 $4,386 lilgunned
9 $3,855 EllisD1
10 $3,814 RJStCroix
11 $3,566 bennymma1
12 $3,560 brokenbrain
13 $3,395 bebop2109
14 $3,375 mrbty
15 $3,330 dj_yaz

REMINDER: Last event of the season, August 4th, Fox Sports, Shogun-Vera… What? not excited about that one? yeah… me either.  Regardless though, try and enjoy the fights, and good luck with your picks.

5 Responses to “Fight Camp Update: UFC 149”

  1. MMAKansas says:

    I am always excited to watch Shogun fight dude… and this will be the first time in my life that I get to watch him fight live for FREE so I didn’t expect his 3rd fight with Machida to go down on free tv..

    It HAS to be better than last nights “PPV”.

  2. nomomrnicekyle says:

    Im going to the UFC on Fox fight live, tickets were super cheap, ringside was only two hundred. I couldnt convince my friends to drop more than 100 but weve still got decent seats, even if Bader and Vera dont light the world on fire its worth it just to see Shogun and Machida fight. Also, no mention of my $190 parlay into $26,000? Come on now haha

  3. Paquet90 says:

    holy fuck that was a close one

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