UFC 149: Post Fight Press Conference (Video)

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  1. Amir says:

    Wow, what another absolutely mediocre and boring UFC PPV event. I am literally sorry for whoever spent money on a Uriah Faber main event PPV card. Not to mention why, like many, I hate Cheick Kongo.
    The guy has all the physical talent to be a top heavyweight in the world but has zero heart and chooses to play it safe rather than go for the KO. And as I look to the right of the webpage, I can already see the headlines, “Dana White embarrassed by UFC 149 main card”. Boo hoo Dana, spare us your usual bs. This is yet another horrible fight card in a string of many recently put together.
    Step it up and force Andersno Silva to move up to 205lbs. and stop protecting him and Jon Jones. You owe it to the real UFC fans who have followed the sport since it’s inception, not the casual MMA suckers who dole out their hard earned money to watch this garbage.

  2. bvrasp says:

    tbh, I think this card is worth complaining about, if nothing else, solely on the fact that it was a ppv event. Granted, the card looked a lot better before the rash of injuries came in, but maybe they should start rethinking replacements. Rescheduling is probably a better idea than having guys come in last minute to fight.

    • Amir says:

      I think that is just a minor part of the overall, bigger set of problems. The global overexpansion, Fox deal, etc. have not resulted in what all of the hardcore fans expected, better fights between bigger names. Instead, the talent pool has dwindled and there are just too many events. I for one would like to know how the hell Brandon Vera is headlining and fight when he was pretty much out of the UFC just under a year ago?

      • bvrasp says:

        Yeah, more events also means more injuries, and spreading the talent thin as you said. Must be tough to keep things under control and running smoothly. They’re definitely doing a better job than anyone else in the industry, and pretty much every move the UFC makes is uncharted territory for MMA. They’re bound to make mistakes…

        One of the biggest problems is the officiating, from top to bottom, these guys are completely inept. The card sucked, but the judges decisions are what really pissed me off… Especially considering I had money on Court McGee.

    • dashamas3000 says:

      The problem with rescheduling an event is that if the fighters don’t fight, they don’t get paid, so that’s not possible.

      • bvrasp says:

        Very true dashamas, it’s a double edged sword I guess. I just think that the UFC shouldn’t allow shitty ppv events to take place, they have to do something to ensure that never happens. It seems like once they got onto Fox, and in front of so many more viewers, the product hasn’t been delivering. When new fans tune in to see what all the UFC hype is about, they end up thinking it’s boring. I’ve even had people tell me they think it’s fake.

        One thing is for sure, when you have a ppv on saturday, then a free event on wednesday, then another ppv on saturday… it’s just too much. I love it and everything, but how do they expect people to actually shell out that much money? or even dedicate that much time to watch all these events? Especially when they spread the talent so thin.

  3. dashamas3000 says:

    Yeah, I’m used to UFC coming on pretty much every week now. I love it. Especially the Wednesday cards. When Faber vs Cruz Ultimate Fighter was on Friday after Bellator, then a PPV on Saturday, and HDNet fights or something all in one weekend, holy crap that was great. I watch every fight I can that comes on live. I stopped caring about casual fans a long time ago, as my friends roll their eyes if I even mention anything fight related. Chael Sonnen actually makes me resent the casual fans, especially when they were “pumped” from the trash talk and then say, “That fight sucked.” They have no frame of reference for how great Anderson truly is. To me, that fight was like Joe Carter hitting a home run to win the World Series.

    Its true that UFC 149 main card wasn’t the most entertaining, at least the Kongo fight and Lombard fight, but Matthew Riddle, Caraway, Carvalho and Jimmo all looked great. With 12 fights per card, there’s always going to be a surprising fight or a let down. Just so happens that the let down occurred on the PPV portion. Really, my only disappointment was how bad Lombard looked. He didn’t look at all like a challenger to Silva. No head movement or footwork is a recipe for disaster against Silva. The UFC did offer to give money back to people w/ tickets to the Wand/Belfort and UFC 149, that’s twice in two months. It is what it is, for me, the more the better.

  4. dashamas3000 says:

    Vera is a curious choice to headline a card, any card, no doubt. Not the first time he’s headlined, though. Would’ve been even more weird to see Rua vs Teixeira as the main event. They should’ve made Rua vs Machida 3, but they’d have to change two fights instead of one.

  5. hotpad says:

    Maynard Keegan on Joe Rogan Experience!?! How cool is that?

    • R.J. St.Croix says:

      ah man i missed it, Maynard (and Tool) are awesome. Maynard is a pretty interesting dude im gonna have to find a video of the podcast.

  6. hotpad says:

    Keenan* 🙂

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