Road to the Octagon: UFC on FOX 4

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  1. Amir says:

    Winner of Shogun vs. Vera fight gets title shot…this is a joke, right? I mean, this is just a big, fat joke?

    • Banned says:

      now dana says bader or machida could get shot. it depends on who wins most impressively

      • MMAKansas says:

        Who else deserves it Amir?

        Jones has murdered his flipping division by fighting 4 times already as champ in like 14 months? They’ve already stacked the best against him, now who is left?

        Who is #2345? You got Hendo, then after hendo, who is the most qualified? Shogun? Machida? Am I missing someone?

  2. dashamas3000 says:

    Alexander Gustafsson

  3. MMAKansas says:

    And he’s injured.. so now what? Champs don’t wait for challengers to heal up, it’s the other way around.

  4. bvrasp says:

    You make a good point Kansas, and I think that’s why Dana decided to give the next shot to whoever looks the most impressive out of Vera, Shogun, Machida, and Bader. Fans were pissed about the Shogun/Vera shot, so Dana said, ok, how bout all 4 of those guys? Oh you hate all those fights? Well now you know what its like trying to set up fights with Jon Jones.

    There’s just no other options for Jones, he already beat all 4 of those guys, including Rampage, Rashad and Matyushenko. All this within the past 2 years… Jones has cleaned out the division already… I guess he could stick around at 205 for another 2 years, and beat all those guys again…

    Dude has to move up to heavyweight man, that’s the only answer imo.

    • R.J. St.Croix says:

      i would like to see Jones do an Anderson thing and take a couple winnable fights at heavy weight first to see if a move is the right thing to do.

  5. R.J. St.Croix says:

    unless the UFC brings in Feijao, who is about the only 205er hes yet to beat (aside from Hendo) i dont see many options that people are not gonna complain about.

    everyone hates that most champs only fight a few times a year at most, but stuff like this makes me think thats what needs to happen so the division can sort it self out a bit between title defenses.

    • Banned says:

      jones could fight chael if he moves up to 205 besides that fight i dont see any interesting fights for jones. he may have to go to heavy weight to test himself. its a shame anderson and him wont fight that would be very interesting.

      • R.J. St.Croix says:

        Chael could be interesting but its kinda the same deal, how do justify a shot? now if he could move up and beat Shogun, Hendo, Machida, Rashad, or any of the top tier guys then sure lets see it but as for right now hes done literally nothing at 205.

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