Lyoto Machida gets rematch with Jones after easy fight with Bader

UFC on Fox 4 was supposed to showcase a top contenders match between Shogun Rua, and Brandon Vera, for a title shot against Jon Jones,┬ábut the fans spoke out, and Dana White listened, and decided to include Lyoto Machida, and Ryan Bader in that “top contenders” match-up category, basing the decision on who looked the most dominant.

No doubt Lyoto took top spot tonight, with a second round one punch finish of Bader, he got a title shot that he wasn’t even clamoring for. Shogun actually won by TKO, but it was in the fourth round, after Vera put up a surprisingly spry fight, pushing the pace, and forcing Shogun to admit in the post-fight interview that he wasn’t at his best and was gassed from the second round onward.

So Lyoto The Dragon Machida will face Jon Bones Jones next. I believe he has been the closest to underpining the champ, and still has the best shot of catching Jones with a quick punch or kick that could end his night.

What’s next for the other fighters? Where does Rua, Vera, and Bader go from here?

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  1. hotpad says:

    I think Shogun should face Rashad and Bader and Vera should fight. IMO with these scenarios Evans And Vera take the wins.

  2. hotpad says:


  3. brokenbrain says:

    Houks – You’re the man this season – nice job!

  4. Amir says:

    Does anyone know how I can get every poster avatars to stop from blocking their letters? it’s maddening

  5. Amir says:

    Although I never took Ryan Bader seriously as an MMA elite contender, there’s no doubt Machida is clearly one of the few fighters that deserves a shot at Jones. I can’t remember the last time Shogun didn’t gas in a fight.

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