Fight Camp Update: Season 13 Results

Alright everyone, season 13 of mma playground is over, so let’s see how it turned out when all was said and done.

After leading the camp for the majority of the season, Paquet90 was finally dethroned by houks in the very last event, and by only a single point! houks is our new reigning champion! Way to hustle and break through in the clutch houks.  That pushes Paquet90 back to 2nd place, still a nice reward for all your efforts.  nomomrnicekyle gets the bronze medal, rounding out the top 3 winners on the money list.  Just outside the coveted top spots, EllisD1 finishes 4th, and dan-o1 comes in at a close 5th place.  It’s been a fun season, if somewhat hectic, so here are the final results.


1 606 houks
2 605 Paquet90
3 582 nomomrnicekyle
4 569 EllisD1
5 562 dan-o1
6 553 robnashville
7 544 silva18
8 539 way2swayzee7
9 534 RJStCroix
9 534 bvrasp
10 533 RampageisReal
11 527 RodgerRamrod
12 516 tylerdurdin83
13 515 lilgunned
14 513 brokenbrain
15 496 dj_yaz


1st Place:  houks – $75.00

2nd Place: Paquet90 – $50.00

3rd Place: nomomrnicekyle – $25.00

To collect your prize, contact me from your account on mma playground, and give me your paypal address.  Congratz to all the winners, and good luck to everyone as we start fresh next season.  And that next season just happens to start this coming Saturday, August 11th.


I have really enjoyed being able to sweeten the pot for you guys by providing some prize money, both from my own pocket, and from the generous contributions of our camp members.  These seasons used to run for about 6 months before we could crown a new champion and award the prizes.  When we tore through half of this season in a month, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to sustain the prizes anymore.  Sadly, there will be no cash prizes for next season, but we’re kicking around the idea of having a pool style betting system.

The idea is that members can enter by paying $10, then their money is added to the pool, and collected by the overall season winner.  For example: If we get 10 members to enter the pool, they will have a separate ranking from the rest of the camp, and the overall winner at the end of the season will collect $100.  All monies will be held by me for the duration of the season, and will be paid out to the eventual champion.  Of course, none of this money will go to me, and I will also pay for any of the paypal transfer fees and etc..

This system is not up and running at this moment, but I wanted to put it out there to see how many people would be interested in this betting pool idea.  So if you can give me some feedback on this, it would be much appreciated.  Saying that you would be interested in the pool is not a binding commitment in any way, I’m just trying to determine if we will have enough players to make this thing worth doing.  I figure, if we get at least 10 participants out of over 50 members, it would be worth it.  Also, if you don’t like the idea, or have any other suggestions, I would love to hear it.

Thanks for playing guys, and good luck next season.

7 Responses to “Fight Camp Update: Season 13 Results”

  1. Banned says:

    its a good idea hopefully we would have enough people enter so we can have 2nd and 3rd place prizes as well

  2. brokenbrain says:

    Good idea, I’m in! Let’s do this.

  3. Paquet90 says:

    that is a good idea and congrat housk you basterd lol

  4. chosen141 says:

    Congrads to all

    Hey BV excellent idea
    Even though i never got the chance to kick some ass and get a prize , its still fun .
    Im in 😀

  5. bebop2109 says:

    great ideal,Count me in

  6. botl435 says:

    Im in…

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