UFC 150 Henderson vs Edgar II Weigh In

8 Responses to “UFC 150 Henderson vs Edgar II Weigh In”

  1. dashamas3000 says:

    Frankie got this!

  2. bvrasp says:

    I had Frankie winning that too…

  3. dashamas3000 says:

    Oops…spoke too soon

  4. dashamas3000 says:

    “Ben Henderson takes debatable decision over Frankie Edgar.”

  5. R.J. St.Croix says:

    im gonna say Frankie won (IMO) but not by enough to complain about the decision going the other way.

    i kinda feel bad for Edgar, it seems like too many of his fights end up like this. no matter who wins it seems like 75% of the time it could have gone ether way.

    if i was one of Frankie teammates i would be saying “look at how well you do at lightweight, and imagine how much better you could do at featherweight!” the way he wrestles with the bigger guys makes me think he could manhandle the smaller ones.

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