Fight Camp Update: UFC 150

What a way to kick off season 14! All but 3 of the fights last night ended by knockout or submission, great night of fights right there. Okami looked a little stiff initially, but once the fight hit the mat, he showed the kind of skills that kept him in the top 10 for years now. Jake Shields executed his patented top control game flawlessly against Herman, in what ended up being a lack luster decision for Shields. Cerrone vs Guillard was one hell of a scrap, that’s the kind of fight you want to see on every card. Although Guillard had him rocked, Cerrone came back strong with a brutal head kick that left Guillard out on his feet, then followed up with a straight right hand just to knock him over. Is this what we can expect to see in teammate vs teammate fights? I think we need to see more of those. Henderson vs Edgar 2 looked much like the first fight, with a few adjustments… Having his kicks caught the first time around, Henderson employed a different kind of low kick, close to the ground, it was essentially a very powerful front sweep. The impact of those kicks clearly took away some of Edgar’s incredible footwork, and opened the door for Henderson to impose his game. I had the fight dead even after 4 rounds, and the final round was very close as well. With the state of judging in MMA being what it is, I don’t think anyone can complain about that decision. Overall, I really enjoyed the fights, hope you guys did too.

$ 60,000 “of the night” Bonuses

Fight of the night: Donald Cerrone vs Melvin Guillard

Knockout of the night: Donald Cerrone

Submission of the night: Dennis Bermudez

UFC 150 Points

Rocketing to the top of the ladder after our first event, it’s Banned2!! Only missing 2 picks on the card, and a dead on prediction of the hotbout, Banned2 is hot to trot this season, great job man. Coming in 2nd place, it’s last season’s bronze medalist, nomomrnicekyle, just a handful of points behind the lead. Numero tre is bennymma1, putting up a higher score for this event than any other in the entire last season, looks like bennymma1 is rededicated and coming harder than ever. In 4th place, he’s a gambler, he’s a rambler, he’s RodgerRamrod, and he’s looking to really drive it home this season. Rounding out the top 5 for this event is bboy0835, he’s been with the camp for a couple of seasons now, and his game has just been getting better and better. The longer we do this thing, the higher the level seems to get with our competitors. Great job to everyone last night, that was a difficult card to predict, with quite a few underdogs making good. This being the first event of the season, the overall scores are identical to the 150 scores, as per the table below.


1 69 Banned2
2 63 nomomrnicekyle
3 61 bennymma1
4 59 RodgerRamrod
5 55 bboy0835
6 54 lilgunned
6 54 botl435
8 53 Paquet90
9 50 BJPennFan
9 50 silva18
11 49 ferdayz
11 49 dj_yaz
11 49 mrbty
14 48 tylerdurdin83
14 48 robnashville

UFC 150 Wagers

1 $2,185 Falcons84
2 $735 botl435
3 $317 lilgunned
4 $285 mrbty
5 $260 gnrsmith
5 $260 silva18
5 $260 bboy0835
8 $243 ferdayz
9 $240 Tripp_2
10 $235 RJStCroix
11 $217 brokenbrain
12 $215 MikeD
12 $215 dj_yaz
12 $215 EllisD1
15 $210 RampageisReal

Reminder: Coming up next, it’s UFC 151 on September 1st, Jon Jones, Dan Henderson, don’t miss it!  That event will kick off the “King of September” mini-tourney we will be running for anyone who wants to get involved.  The details are coming up very soon.  Good luck to everyone on the next event, and thanks for playing.

12 Responses to “Fight Camp Update: UFC 150”

  1. MMAKansas says:

    So have we just eliminated bets and top betters all together or what? That’s the only part of playground I enjoy.

  2. bvrasp says:

    Sorry Kansas, better? 🙂

  3. Banned says:

    it was a close fight. round 3 was a toss up. but i agree with mir frankie won rounds 2 ,4 &5. imo. i picked bendo to win by ud. but still was kinda upset when judges dropped the ball again. imo frankie should drop down to 145 have a warm up fight then if he wins that fight jose for title. even tho i think jose would win it would be a great fight. 145 would be a shorter rouad to a title for edgar thyan 155 is now.

  4. chosen141 says:

    Hey guys i keep hearing and hearing people talking about fighters that they should drop down etc
    Why ?
    Edgar has been a lightweight his hole life,,,,his power and stamina are at that weight class…..u guys really think that if he drops down he’s gonna be as good as he is in the lightweight division ? i doubt it !
    Its funny because when he was the champ no one was saying anything about him droping down ,now that he lost everyone is saying he should drop down .
    The 1st fight with Bendo i truly belive he lost the fight , but imo he won the second fight !

    Who do u guys think can beat Edgar in the lightweight division exept Bendo ?

    • MMAKansas says:

      I think you make a good point Chosen.

      The reason people think he should drop, that I can agree with, is that he is CONSTANTLY smaller than his opponents at that weight. Benson is a full 20 pounds heavier on fight night, almost a middleweight, and so much taller that with weight cuts, Frankie is always going to be the little guy in the division.

      His size might work against BJ Penn who is only 5,9 but against guys like Benson, and even against big wrestlers like Gray whom he beat twice, he’s getting worked from the outside, outpointed, cannot get the TD and getting his bell rung. I think the guy has had a TON of fight year put on his body just in the last 18 months fighting big guys with big power in that division, or too much weight for him to wrestle down.

      I also believe he might have a decent chance at taking what Aldo has because he’s got that granite chin on him and could perhaps come back from getting his bell rung for repeated take downs in the last three rounds of a featherweight title fight, just my opinion.

      • chosen141 says:

        I think he has no chance with Aldo except if Aldo comes to fight like he did with Hominick , then he might have a chance .

        I dont know Kansas , its a weird position Edgar is in.
        He is good in the LW div but small , then in the FW div he is gonna be almost the same size with the other fighters and maybe slower and less powerful :/

        Just gotta wait and see what happens !

    • Banned says:

      the main reason i want him to drop down is to challenge aldo. jose doesnt have any real contenders and frankie would be perfect for that. 155 is already stacked 145 needs more challengers.

      • chosen141 says:

        Now thats a good point about more challengers in the 145 div
        But like what u said in the earlier comment about a warm up fight before a title fight .
        When ever some1 drops or goes up a weight class and its a title fight they end up losing 😛

      • MMAKansas says:


        So you don’t think the size disadvantage is a big deal for him at all? Don’t think the length, size, and power of Benson played a role in him not being able to finish or even get close to winning a decisive fight?

  5. chosen141 says:

    @ Kansas
    For sure the length ,size and power plays a big role , but not with Edgar !
    IMO Bendo only won the 1st and 3rd round
    Edgar was taking him down kinda easly he also had that knock down , and toward the end of the fight u could see that Bendo was fighting to pull off something great so he can win and he didnt , but instead they gave him the W
    i wont lie it was a close fight but we all know who really deserves tha W
    Like Dana always say : Never leave it in the hands of the judges !

  6. R.J. St.Croix says:

    to all you MMA hardcores, please take a moment of your day today to tip your hat and remember the Coach.

    miss you Shawn!

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