Fight Factory: Episode 1 (Video)

16 Responses to “Fight Factory: Episode 1 (Video)”

  1. Banned says:

    thanks bv i read that they had back to back shows last night so there should be another episode out there

  2. dashamas3000 says:

    thanks, always a fan of the AKA

  3. Banned says:

    hope you guys are watching the strikeforce show tonight. tate vs makenzie was awesome

  4. bvrasp says:

    Sure am, how about that KO? wow!

  5. MMAKansas says:

    Is this streaming. Live?

  6. MMAKansas says:

    Links or can you stream for free on showtime?

  7. Banned says:

    wow jacare looked good

    • MMAKansas says:

      Guess that’s why they have announced he gets the Rockhold fight next… SF is so limited, I am sure after Jacare beats Rockhold then his next fight will be against top contender, Rockhold.. lol

  8. bvrasp says:

    ahh, sorry Kansas, it’s over. I’ll post some of the fights up though, when they come out.

  9. MMAKansas says:

    lol I just went through your last post and used the same links to find the event. I got to see it live.. an armbar in less than 2 minutes???

    Girls got game, but if she’s a one trick pony she’ll be figured out sooner or later and exposed. I would def. like to see Rousey fight Santos

    • bvrasp says:

      tbh, I think Cyborg would get subbed. We need a highly decorated wrestler chick, like Sara McMann – Silver medalist in the olympics and currently undefeated in MMA at 6-0. She needs to bodyslam Ronda, then hold her in a safe position for a GSP-esque decision.

      • MMAKansas says:

        Rhonda is a fairly good sized 135 pounder – I don’t think she’s going to get laid on like that by anyone in her division… I hope not, because it ruins my favorite sport when we have basically a fighter who just restrains his/her opponent for 25 minutes, nothing more.

  10. dashamas3000 says:

    Tate did a good job against her, but, Cyborg is really the only fight to make.

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