Fedor Emelianenko Signs with Bellator

fedor bellator

Well, it’s official… And it might not be so bad… I mean, did you really want to see Fedor decked out in Reebok gear? I sure didn’t…

So I’m watching Bellator with the boys last night, right? Great show by the way, better than most UFC events these days.  They had Francis Carmont, Josh Thompson, King Mo Lawal, Emanuel Newton, Paul Daley, Phil Davis and Tito Ortiz.  They had a four-man, one-night tournament.  They had co-promoted Glory kickboxing bouts.  If you missed it, let’s just say, Scott Coker knows how to put on a show.

If that isn’t enough, before the main event, former Pride FC president Nobuyuki Sakakibara steps into the cage and announces his return to MMA promotion, in Japan, this new year’s eve.  So, Coker, Sakakibara, Japan, new year’s… red flag are going off in my head… Next thing you know, out walks Fedor, and the cycle is complete.

There is no opponent announced yet, but the event will be held in Tokyo (likely the Tokyo Dome) on new year’s eve, live on Spike TV.

17 Responses to “Fedor Emelianenko Signs with Bellator”

  1. Amir says:

    As usual, I fall asleep exactly at the moment a Phil Davis fight starts.

  2. MMAKansas says:

    part of me is disappointed he didn’t go to the ufc to exact revenge on Werdum and get that belt that he never got.. but part of me knew he would avoid UFC because frankly, he’s a Russian nationalst and sees them as a very controlling American company.. Bellator is American but it’s not as controlling you know? .. Anyways.. I am not excited about his return and probably wont tune it. It’ll be can crushing from here out for a paycheck in another attempt to subvert the UFC’s influence.. Counterbalance cold war strategy lol.

    • bvrasp says:

      I seriously doubt it has anything to do with nationalism Kansas. Like you said, Bellator is american, and Strikeforce was american. In the end (and in true american fashion) it’s all about the benjamins!

      The UFC dropped the ball once again imo. They didn’t just under-bid, there’s also the reebok thing to vacuum up Fedor’s cash. Josh Thompson said he got 35k in sponsorships in the last bellator event (7 times more than he would have gotten from reebok). So this would have been Fedor’s first UFC fight so I guess he gets 5k in sponsorhip from reebok? LOL nah, no thanks UFC. I see Fedor making at least a millie in sponsorship alone.

      I agree though, all the best fights for Fedor are in the UFC. Iit’s a shame Dana and the gangsters are so greedy that they would rather rob the fans of huge fights than pay guys what they’re really worth. That’s another reason why we won’t see guys like GSP or Anderson come back. Think Nike, under armour, etc are paying these guys 50k? They were making 7 figures on sponsorship, so unless the UFC wants to make up the difference, what’s the point?

      If they had half a brain in their heads, it would have been Barnett vs Fedor in Saitama tonight, not Roy Nelson….

  3. MMAKansas says:

    $2.5 million is another good reason he’s not in the UFC lol

  4. MMAKansas says:

    UFC is going to kill itself. I think they are just killing every outside opportunity for revenue possible.

    You’re right, Reebok and their VERY greedy sponsorship pay policies, (for UFC not the sponsored figher(s) is just counterproductive.

    I see more fighters wrangling to get into Bellator going forward.

  5. PATRICK says:

    Yooooo dudes…. Still using this site??

  6. MMAKansas says:

    Heeeeey Patrick.. yeah still here barely lol

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  8. Eric says:

    Kimbo vs. Dada….a disgrace to MMA. This is the most ridiculous “professional” MMA fight I have ever seen.

    • hotpad says:

      Yeah, well, that’s as notable as their roster is at this point. Give it time, reebok deal is still very new and we may yet see more reputable fighters make their way to these second tier orgs. War Bendo!

    • bvrasp says:

      Dude, are you serious? That was the best bad fight I’ve ever seen. We were busting a gut watching that fight last night. The way Dada went down at the end was priceless.

  9. Eric says:

    BV, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t say I wasn’t entertained and amused. I just felt like it was making a mockery of professional MMA fighting. Can you imagine Junior Dos Santos in there with either of them? lmfao
    I recommend watching “Dawg Fight” on Netflix to all of you. It chronicles Dada 5000 and his illegal backyard brawls. Great documentary. Also shows the despicable side of the Democratic party, who sent a representative to show these people “support” for what they are doing. Because apparently, illegal backyard bareknuckle brawling is helping keep them “off the street”. Real charity work Dada is doing there.

    • bvrasp says:

      haha, yeah, there’s no way that fight could be confused for mixed martial arts. Honestly though, purism aside, I think there’s a place for freak show fights in MMA. Pride sure had a lot of them, and things like celebrity boxing, etc. It’s a different type of appeal that can reach a different audience, all money in the end.

      Dawg Fight was cool, plus Dada was already talking about Dawg Fight 2 in the lead up to this fight. The only reason the fight happened was for promotion purposes and they did a very good job selling it. They actually overshadowed Royce v Ken that night.

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