Bellator wants Wanderlei; Rizin trying to make FEDOR VS WAND!


If you haven’t heard, well, then here’s the news, that Wanderlei Silva is no longer employed or being kept under contract by the UFC. The only hold-up to him fighting again post-retirement should he choose to do that is the NSAC constantly putting off a re-hearing that would most likely free him up to fight this year, since he’s been banned from fighting since September of 2014 and the longest ban in UFC history to date has only been 2 years even though they’ve revamped their policy to raise the bans on fighters substantially. Most likely the NSAC gives Wand a fine closer to $40,000.00 and a two year ban, which would free him up to fight this September.

Bellator’s Scott Coker has voiced interest in signing Wand recently as he discussed Wand’s future on the MMA Hour last week.

RIZIN founder Nobuyuki Sakakibara has shown interest in Wanderlei Silva fighting Fedor Emelianenko because of the Brazilian’s history fighting in Japan as the former PRIDE FC champion, as well as Fedors. He plans to visit the United States soon to negotiate with Silva about his potential future with the new promotion.

With Wanderlei Silva’s THIRD hearing postponement set to expire and his official re-hearing set to take place in two days, (February 17th) lets hope the NSAC end’s this nonsense lifetime ban so we can see Wand cornering his fighters and possibly fighting again.


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  1. bvrasp says:

    Even with the size difference, this would be Fedor’s toughest fight in recent memory.

    I’d prefer that Bellator picks up wand though… Bellator is the only mma promotion that comes anywhere close to the UFC, and competition is very important to the industry. Competition would force promoters to pay fighters more money, take more steps to improve conditions for fighters – which ultimately leads to more exciting fights for the fans.

    Scott Coker knows what he’s doing. Is he putting on some freak show fights? absolutely, but he’s getting eyeballs tuned into Bellator and growing the organization. Every single “name value” fighter that the UFC cuts loose, Bellator is picking up. A great example is Ben Henderson… You wanna play hardball with Bendo at the negotiating table? ok, he goes to Bellator, get paid MORE than the UFC offers him (a big factor is him getting dethrone back, which he lost because of the reebok deal) and he also has easier fights over there. A safer job for more money? it’s a no brainer. I hope more guys make the move, and it makes all the sense in the world for a guy like Wand.

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