Why I’ll Be Cheering for Bisping over Silva


It’s been a long road to haul for Anderson Silva lately. What with him turning 40, having not won a fight at middleweight in nearly 4 years, (yup he hasn’t won a fight since July 2012 at middleweight) and having broken his leg and so forth. But he’ll come back right? He’s the legend? The greatest?

I am cheering for Michael “the count” Bisping in this fight folks. I am a biased mma fan, who loves most Brazilian fighters, who has a Brazilian wife and lived in Brazil for quite a while. I train BJJ, (Brazilian Ju-Jitsu for those of you without an MMA IQ) and have always supported “the boys of chute boxe” and “the boys of Pride”, but not this time.

I can’t. You see the reason is simple for me. The two men squaring off in the Octagon this Saturday, February 27th at UFC Fight Night 84, have both been UFC Fighters for the exact same amount of time, give 4 days. Michael Bisping’s debut came at The Ultimate Fighter: Team Ortiz vs. Team Shamrock Finale, June 24th, 2006, and 4 days later, at UFC Fight Night 5, Anderson Silva crashed into the UFC by knocking out Chris Leben.

Bisping was 11-0, and Silva came into the UFC with an 18-4 record. Bisping was seemingly destined for greatness after winning his debut and subsequent bouts, and Silva, was an overnight success earning an immediate title shot after besting Leben.

Both fighters went on a tear through the light-heavyweight and middle-weight divisions. Then came the losses. Not for Anderson, he was too busy beating huge named opponents like Travis Lutter, and James Irvin, (really?) while Bisping was also beating fighters such as Leben, he was fighting guys like Rashad Evans, (also his first loss). Rashad would be a challenge for anyone, as a former champ, and especially in his prime, but he comes from the Dan Severn camp, which was notorious for PED abuse, and his camp, Blackzillians have had THREE high profile fighters pop red for PED use in the past. Just sayin’, where there’s smoke, there is fire.

The next loss for Bisping came against Dan Henderson, then Wanderlei Silva. See the pattern? Both legends  from Pride FC, both are known for PED use or fled PED testing. Bisping’s next two losses came against the UFC’s two most notorious steroid users in Chael Sonnen, and then Vitor Belfort, (or TRT Vitor as Joe Rogan liked to say). In the Belfort fight, Bisping was clearly fighting a man abusing PED’s and was permanently disfigured in that fight after getting knocked out. Vitors flagrant abuse of steroids and the UFC attempting to seemingly cover it up for him or give him fights in Brazil where testing is either predictable or less strict made me and other hardcore fans sick.

His final two losses were against Luke Rockhold, the current champ, and Tim Kennedy, (who hasn’t won a fight since the Bisping fight and hasn’t fought since the new UFC Drug Testing became policy).

All of this happening while people are making fun of Bisping for his loudmouth taunts, and quirky English mannerisms, calling him arrogant and so forth.

This Saturday Bisping will fight yet ANOTHER UFC fighter who has tested positive for steroid abuse, in Anderson Silva. I know the excuses, “he broke his leg”, or “he only used one time”. Bull. The man flatly denied this very week that he ever put any PED’s in his body. Period. Never. We know from NSAC hearings that he popped BEFORE his fight and was dirty AFTER his fight with Diaz. In that fight he couldn’t beat a welter-weight Nick Diaz, who was outweighed by 15 pounds, while he, Anderson Silva had steroids in his system. This shameful denial is part of my indignation against Silva and all PED users. I lost a lot of respect for him. I have very little for Wanderlei since 2014, and none for Vitor Belfort. None.

I think the new PED policy is going to be great and terrible for MMA. The reason is we will finally see who are the best, natural fighters in the UFC. There will be a lot of money lost because of the testing, and fighters getting caught.

I think now is the prime time for BJ Penn to come back, never-mind the naysayers because he just might win a belt again since he’s not fighting over-sized Welterweights who were probably all pumped up on HGH and EPO while using I.V.’s to re-hydrate.

I think Bisping will come in Saturday night, 80 UFC fight nights later, after the rise of “Ando” and I really do believe the count will beat Anderson Silva by unanimous decision. I have to say, it’ll be a sweet victory for a man who has played fair, and never cheated in his career to finally get the chance to send Silva off into the sunset. Perhaps after besting Silva, and having three wins in a row against top competition, Bisping will finally get the title shot many believed he earned back in 2011, and perhaps he’ll get the respect he’s been chasing for the past 10 years.

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  1. hotpad says:

    Fantastic write up. I was never a fan of Bisping but I think that started with his win over Hammil. I thought Hammil won, and it ruined me for Michael. But he’s so consistently good, and for being towards the end of his career, it seems like he’s getting better. Dude gets alot of hate and I kind of get it, but I would like to see him go on a violent tear in his last several fights. He certainly got put in scary situations fighting those science projects.

  2. bvrasp says:

    I agree and disagree Kansas. I don’t think you can really say Bisping fought the tougher guys in the UFC. Anderson fought everyone at the top level, and he was thrown into the deep end from day 1. Bisping got a bit of a safety net initially, so he could be set up as a big UFC draw for the british fans. After the UK market was captured, they kind of pulled all the stops and fed Bisping to the wolves (which he still did a pretty good job surviving). The killers that he lost to, Anderson beat (besides Rashad who moved up to 205).

    I agree about most of the PED stuff, it does suck when some guys are doing it and others aren’t, but Anderson’s performances (at least not all of them) can’t be attributed to PED use. In his fight with Vitor, they were probably both juiced to the gills, and Anderson finished him in spectacular fashion. I don’t really blame him for healing his leg up, I don’t see that as an excuse. The guy’s leg snapped in half, and if it were you or me in that position, we would have done the exact same thing – use every benefit of modern medicine to fix your leg up. What he could have done is just waited longer before coming back, or never come back at all. I wanted to see him back in the cage though, and the UFC sure needed that payday with GSP gone, Ronda just starting to build up steam, and well before McGregor.

    I always wanted to see Bisping get his shot at Anderson, and he deserved it, but he always blew his opportunity (losing title-eliminator bouts, getting injured, etc). I felt the same way about Okami when he was getting passed up, but Okami finally got his shot. It never happened for Bisping, but i’m glad it’s happening now, regardless if it’s for the title or not.

    Not sure who I’m rooting for at this point though, just hoping for a good fight. It might be nice to see bisping pick up the win, but I don’t know if I can handle listening to his post fight talk about how he would have been the champ all this time if he got the shot earlier, blah blah.

    • MMAKansas says:

      He’s an old lion of the sport now man.. Bisping is.. hard to believe that baby faced brit I watched fight Elvis Sinosic live is the scar faced 36 year old veteran and one of the oldest and last early on tough contestants.

      I see your points, the leg one especially but he should have waited another 6 months to come back. Cost him a year in penalties and fines anyways..

      • bvrasp says:

        Yeah, my respect for Bisping has gone nowhere but up over the years. There’s a guy who wasn’t blessed with tons of natural talent, he just works his ass off and has never been out of shape for a fight.

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