Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino Set to Fight at UFC 198


Wow, with all the back and forth negotiations for YEARS now (including a bizarre state of affairs including Tito Ortiz as a manager), Cris Cryborg is now set to make her debut at UFC 198 on May 14th in Curitiba, Brazil. The card includes pretty much all your favorite Brazilian fighters (sans Wanderlei of course) including: Werdum, Anderson Silva, Vitor Belfort, Jacare, Shogun, little Nog, Demian Maia, etc, etc…

While this is the perfect card for Cyborg to join, it still manages to confuse me. I’m not out here nitpicking these stories guys, this is legitimately another strange move by the UFC brass. Cyborg is the Invicta FC featherweight (145 lbs) champion, and the main reason that she didn’t get the call from the UFC to fight Ronda Rousey (apart from Tito’s shenanigans) was that she couldn’t make 135 pound bantamweight limit. Her opponent at UFC 198 is Leslie Smith, who is a current UFC bantamweight, but has fought at 125 lbs in the past. So here’s the thing, Cyborg STILL can’t make 135, so it will be a catch weight fight at 140 lbs.

Just to reiterate… Cris Cybrog (15-1) the Invicta 145 champion, is fighting Leslie Smith (8-6-1) an undersized bantamweight nowhere to be found on the top 15 rankings. Maybe they’re just giving her an easy fight to build her up right? sure, nothing strange about that, it happens all the time.. but! … She can’t make the weight! She herself has said she can’t make the weight, Tito said she will die if she tries, and her doctor said it would be very dangerous. Sooooo, does this mean her next fight will be a catch weight too? I know Miesha Tate said she would fight Cyborg at a catch weight, but does it make any sense to have a fighter on the roster who is incapable of fitting into any weight class offered by the promotion? I’m so confused…

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  1. brokenbrain says:

    Kinda feels like the UFC is ‘jumping the shark’. Also kinda feels like I’ve said that before…

    I get putting her inagral fight on this Brazilian card, and I guess I can wrap my head around a 140lb catch-weight fight. However, fighting a small, no named and unranked 135’er seems like a waste. Why not just let Fatborg stay at her natural weight and fight the other Diaz brother and let him completely derail her?

    • bvrasp says:

      I’m a bit conflicted about it because I really want her in the UFC, but I also know she can’t make the weight. To get her in there, you would need to make a whole new division and that’s probably too much to ask for any single fighter.

      Like you said, I guess you can wrap your head around this one fight, but what’s her future in the UFC? They can’t keep doing this just for her lol.

  2. MMAKansas says:

    Love Cyborg – follow her on instagram and she’s about as simple, real, and kind as they come.

    Hope she kills it and then makes the drop even though they say she cannot. She’s 5ft 8 and so is Holly.. so if Holly can, then so can Borg.

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