Geek Talk MD Episode 17 Part 2 – BJJ MMA MO UFC

Some buddies of mine from back in the days have been doing a geeky podcast, and the topic of discussion was martial arts, so they asked me to join them to talk about it. This is basically a brief history of BJJ and the origins of the UFC. Many of you already know the story, but if you have some time to kill and need something to listen to during your cardio training, go ahead and give it a listen.

4 Responses to “Geek Talk MD Episode 17 Part 2 – BJJ MMA MO UFC”

  1. MMAKansas says:

    Sounded like Seth Rogan – fun show though! 🙂

  2. bvrasp says:

    Seth Rogan! hahaha, I guess all us Canadians sound alike huh? Glad you enjoyed it man, was there anything in there you hadn’t heard before?

  3. MMAKansas says:

    Didn’t realize that at UFC4 they went over the ppv limit and that’s what caused time limits etc – probably paved the way for the modern “sport” we have with the rules etc ..

  4. bvrasp says:

    yup, by UFC 5 Davie made sure to secure a 3 hour ppv window instead of 2.

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