UFC 199: Post Fight Press Conference (Video)

What an insane night! Me and the boys were going nuts, it was complete and utter pandemonium, and I’m sure I woke my neighbors.

Nate vs. Conor 2 was confirmed, Brock Lesnar’s return was announced, Don Frye set to be inducted into the hall of fame, Hendo showed us (once again) that he’s never to be counted out, and Bisping realized a dream that was over 10 years in the making. Truly an historic night, and some people were calling it the best overall event of all time… Not sure about all that, but it was an absolutely stellar night of fights, I enjoyed it immensely.

The Cruz-Faber beef seems to continue and Rockhold could have been a bit more gracious in defeat… What did surprise me was that Holloway and Lamas didn’t get the fight of the night bonus, though I was propably less surprised than Holloway (just look at his face in the presser when they announce it). He really threw down in that fight with Lamas, especially that last 10 seconds where it looked like Frye vs Takayama.

It was also revealed that Ariel Helwani leaked the news about Brock Lesnar’s return, this led to him and his crew being stripped of his UFC credentials and reportedly “banned for life”. Emotions were running high last night, so we’ll see if cooler heads prevail, but as it stands, Ariel has been blacklisted similar to Josh Gross when he leaked the results of the TUF tournament early (and he’s never been back since).

Never the less… Great night, great fights. 5 stars UFC, 5 stars!

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  1. MMAKansas says:

    Best fight card of 2016.

    I was so out of my mind when Hendo won.. and the Bisping win was just.. inconceivable really.. I cannot believe he did it.. step stoned Ando to a title shot and beat a BEAST of a champion in Rockhold… makes me wonder how much the new testing will continue to affect fighters, because you never know who was using HGH/EPO and TEST in cycles ..

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