UFC 200: Post-Fight Press Conference (Video)

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  1. brokenbrain says:

    Anyone else find the main card a little under whelming?

    • bvrasp says:

      Pretty much the whole event was bad… very disappointing.

      It’s amazing isn’t it? The card looks stacked from top to bottom, and you’re hard pressed to find 2 exciting fights to rub together.

  2. Punchdrunk says:

    a lot of hype. i predicted the whole card except prelims to be all decisions. Cain looked good. I feel Hendricks might get cut with another loss similar to Jon Fitch. everyone will cry but the dude is on the downside of his career especially when they banned the IV usage, poor guy cant make the weight and i don’t see him getting any better or beating top 10 fighters

    • bvrasp says:

      Totally agree about Hendricks, unless some seriously drastic changes are made. Like dropping even more muscle mass to make the weight, which would seriously compromise his wrestling abilities. Or moving up in weight, where he’s way too small and will get destroyed… Either way, it’s an untenable situation.

      Maybe he goes to Bellator considering the steakhouse business isn’t an option either.

      • MMAKansas says:

        I think the USADA has done a number on several fighters that used to make weight and rehydrate massively.. as well as stay muscular year round.. wonder how GSP will perform coming back into the USADA era honestly.. JBJ isn’t doing so well at the moment, Anderson Silva either.. not a single fight won since 2012..

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