Krazy Horse Challenges Wanderlei (Video)

The old Pride FC feelings got stirred back up last night as Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett prepared to make his return to Japanese MMA after over 10 years. He was scheduled to compete at Rizen 2 (the successor promotion of Pride FC) where Wanderlei was working in a promotional capacity. Here’s the background information to put the events that followed into perspective. See video below.

This video shows Krazy Horse brawling with Cristiano Marcello (The Chute Boxe BJJ coach) backstage at Pride FC Shockwave 2005. Ultimately, Krazy Horse was put to sleep via triangle choke at the hands of the BJJ black belt. The interesting part is, Krazy Horse has always maintained that the video was tainted by uncharitable Brazilian editing work. He claims, that once he got up, he rushed over and knocked out Wanderlei that night but the Brazilians are afraid to show it. Krazy Horse gives his play-by-play on the situation in the following video.

So that’s the back story, and the fun continued on Thursday night with an impromptu verbal altercation in the lobby of a Japanese hotel, where the two of them exchanged barbs about the famous incident. Aside from some colorful language, they seemed to part ways without incident. Last night, Krazy Horse competed at Rizen 2 against Minoru Kimura, knocking out the Japanese kickboxer in 7 seconds. Not only was it a spectacular finish, followed his usual (unusual) celebratory antics, but Krazy Horse took the opportunity to call out Wanderlei on the mic. See videos below.

Open weight bouts are not unheard of in Japan, and the fight scene over there has been stagnating for years. It would be incredibly unlikely, but I wouldn’t mind seeing an official grudge match like this happen under the Rizen banner.

3 Responses to “Krazy Horse Challenges Wanderlei (Video)”

  1. MMAKansas says:

    The Wand that fought Brian Stann would beat his little butt, however the Wand that fought Quinton Jackson, might actually get beat to the punch if Krazy can bob around and tag Wand on the button a couple of times.

    I would watch it, I’d stay up till 3 am to watch an Old School Open weight Pri.. uhh.. Rizin fight.

    • bvrasp says:

      Oh, the Rampage 3 fight? Yeah, no doubt. For a second I thought you meant prime Wand hehe.

      Wand would probably lose the fight at this point, but the most important thing would be a ref who can stop the fight quick enough. I’m sure they would both like to get a few extra shots in after all the talk.

      • MMAKansas says:

        I wonder what drug testing looks like in Rizin??.. hmmmm lol

        A jacked Wand, kills erbody in Rizin except a Jacked Cro Cop or that Gabi Garcia TS dude/chick.

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