Can Dan Hendo Make History?

danoAt the ripe old age of 46, Dan Henderson has done a LOT for and in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Saturday October 8th, 2016, he attempts to do three things; win a UFC title at 46, (the oldest for any fighter besting Couture’s win at 43), repeat the blockbuster knockout of Michael Bisping, who is coming off wins over Anderson Silva and former champ Luke Rockhold, and retire, on top, gaining belts in the biggest three modern mma organizations, PRIDE, STRIKEFORCE, and the vaunted UFC.

If Dan wins, and that’s a BIG if, as he’s been on the downhill rapidly as of late since coming off TRT, he’ll retire the most decorated champion in MMA modern history, overtaking all others in having won the open Brazil Vale Tudo Tournament in his debut in 1997, defeating Brazilian Vale Tudo legend, Jose Landi-Jons, UFC 17’s four man tournament defeating Allan Goes and Carlos Newton in closely contested contests to earn his 2nd MMA tournament championship, the Rings: King of Kings belt in 1999, TWO Pride Belts, in different divisions, Strikeforces belt, and the UFC belt. Having wins over Wanderlei Silva in his Prime, Fedor Emelianenko in Strikeforce while being outweighed by over 30 pounds, and now entering his final bought, for UFC gold in enemy territory.

Look up. See that resume? That is the mark of a warrior, a man who’s sporting career has crossed three decades, and began when MMA was a tournament, with bare knuckles, and will end with it being a sport on par with soccer and baseball.

As a fan of MMA, I am not generally over-sentimental, however in the case of this fight, I can cheer both fighters on and hope that Dan “Hendo” Henderson goes out on top, with the title in his hands. It would be a fitting end to an amazing career.

3 Responses to “Can Dan Hendo Make History?”

  1. bvrasp says:

    So pumped for this fight, it’s Hendo all the way. Has he slowed down after the TRT days? sure, but how about that Lombard fight!?! I almost lost my mind that night lol. He took Lombard’s best shots right on the button, clawed his way back to his feet and flat-lined Lombard.

    Bisping better go back to his old style of point fighting if he wants to win this fight. He can run but he can’t hide, 25 minutes is a long time to avoid that H-bomb… RIP Bisping.

  2. bvrasp says:

    Great fight last night, all respect to Bisping for taking those shots. Apart from the increased punching power, one thing Bisping has developed is the ability to fight through adversity. Very impressive.

    • MMAKansas says:

      Dude.. epic fight… I had it a draw leaning towards Hendo.. In the end they both fought well and Bisping has evolved into a very durable striker with some KO power.. BUT I think it was the Hendo fight and the “pillow gloves” hazing he has received all these years since that has pushed him to become the fighter he is so ironically it was the man he arguably defeated Saturday that helped him get to his level of ability and to the title in the first place.

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