Metamoris 4: Sonnen vs Galvao – Barnett vs Lister – (Video)

Jones & Cormier Off-Air Back and Forth (Video)

After their brawl, Jones and Cormier appeared on SportsCenter earlier this week. This video is an off-air exchange between the two right before then went live on ESPN.

Here is the ESPN video that happened soon afterward.

Nick Diaz Hospital Fight with Joe Riggs (Animated Video)

Wow, can you believe this incident happened almost 10 years ago?  It’s too bad the guys over at lookoutawhale don’t put out more videos.

Metamoris 4: Trailer (Video)

Metamoris 4

- August 9th, 2014 -

Chael Sonnen vs. Andre Galvao
Josh Barnett vs. Dean Lister
Saulo Ribeiro vs. Robert “Comprido” Medeiros
Vinny Magalaghaes vs. Keenan Cornelius
Gary Tonon vs. Kit Dale
- Secret Match -

Rogan Podcast: Guest – Rickson Gracie (Video)