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Wand isn’t done with you yet, you punks! Once again, making some great points about fighter pay/respect. Dana loves to say that fighters need to promote themselves better, they need to move that needle. I’m sorry, what what was that again? what do the fighters have to do? Promote themselves. And what’s your job Dana? I’m a promoter. And what should they do? Promote themselves. And what is your job? Promoter. And what should they do again? Promote themselves. And your job is? Promoter ………………………………………

Do I really have to spell it out?

This growing the sport thing is getting ridiculous. When is the last time you looked forward to an event? Not a fight or two, an event. It’s been a long time for me, because although they’re putting on a lot more shows, they don’t have much more talent out there. They’ve just watered down their product to try and make more money. They’ve probably doubled their sponsor income by putting on double the shows, and because only a few fighters are making more than 10/10 on any given card now, the fighter expenses per card are way down too. That seems like a great idea looking at the bottom line, but the product suffers. This is exactly what happened to boxing, where you only have one fight on each card that anyone cares about, maybe a decent co-main to go along with it, and the rest of the card is trash.

For most people this wouldn’t matter too much, but I know many people who live overseas and have to stay up really late to watch these events. You know what? A lot of them don’t even bother anymore because it’s not worth it for 1 or 2 fights. I used to stay up to watch PrideFC because every single card was stacked top to bottom, with maybe 10 shows a year. Would I have stayed up for 50+ shows a year just because Gomi was fighting that night? Absolutely not, I would just watch that one fight the next day.

But what does that matter? Who really cares about the future of the sport when I can make billions of dollars now, and pass that down to my kids when I die, they don’t have to take over the business when I’m gone or anything like that. It’s the same mentality that killed boxing, the same mentality that allows people to pollute the environment, the same mentality that breeds corrupt politicians, etc, etc.

Did I get off track a bit there? Well whatever… You guys should be used to that by now ;)

So where was I? oh yeah, WAR WAND!!!

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