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He’s Back! Fedor Emelianenko Announces MMA Return!


One of the greatest, and most humble, champions to ever fight in MMA has announced his return to professional competition. He released the following statement on the Russian MMA Union website (of which he is president) below.

It is very important for every athlete to do his favourite things: give it all in training, compete, and defend your fatherland’s honour. During my time working for the [Russian MMA] Union, I have been able to work on the development of martial arts, working closely with presidents of other sports associations. We recognized problems from within and tried to solve them within the scope of our possibilities. But now, I have the feeling that it’s time to return to the ring.

I had time to recover and heal my old wounds. For the last three years, I was able to maintain my physical form, but it is not good enough to fight competitively, yet. So I started an intense training camp, recently. We have established a versatile team of coaches and fighters who will help me in the training process. I’ll do my best to fit into the growth of professional fighters. Now, there is work to do, in order to return to the ring. Negotiations with several promotions are already in progress. Once we have an agreement, there will be further information on the date of the fight and the opponent.

It will be great to see Fedor don the gloves once again, but the real question is… where will he fight? If he fights some nobody in M1, that might be still be fun to watch – but what if he makes a deal with the UFC or Bellator? The MMA ladscape has changed since “uncle Dana” flew down to that mystery island to negotiate with Fedor and Vadim. There’s money to be made, and if McGregor can pull in millions like this, Fedor might break the ppv scale.

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Why Dan Henderson May Finally Be Done

10385146_10202454354295674_691201793_nTomorrow night at UFC Fight Night 68, in New Orleans we could be watching the last fight Dan Hendo Henderson ever competes in.

At the age of 44 Dan has nothing left to prove, and since unplugging from his TRT treatments he’s not won a single fight.

Dan’s current UFC record is terrible at 7-7 and since coming back to the UFC from Strikeforce in 2011, he’s won against a single fighter, Mauricio Rua.

Most people don’t even realize the now undersized former middleweight Pride Champ is currently 1-5 in his last six fights, and has one win in the past 4 years.

Tim Boetsch is coming off a loss, but has a better win to loss ratio, (9-7) in the UFC and has won more than Dan in the past four years. He also still has the chin that was the legendary asset keeping Dan in the game for so long. Tim also has the bombs to counter, circle, and thrash a much slower, and gassed version of Hendo.

If Hendo get’s finished tomorrow night, he’ll be 1 in 7 and that should be enough to encourage a retirement from the sport. If he wins, he’s winning against a guy who’s been in the sport since 2008 and has never had a title shot, nor has he ever broken the top 5 and is currently ranked at #13 in the UFC. Where does a 44 year old guy with hypogonadism go from there?