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Josh Neer Smashes Internet Troll (Video)

I’ve noticed a lot of sites bashing Neer for this vicious beating, calling it a criminal assault in some cases. The details came out from Neer’s side of the story, claiming that this guy Patrick Martin was talking all types of trash on facebook, calling out Neer and other fighters in a very disrespectful way. Here’s Neer’s statement on the incident per his facebook account.

Basically the guys a dumbass and been talking shit about MMA fighters for a month. On and on, I usually ignore him but this Saturday he wrote me on Facebook the message i gave. He had written 10 messages to me talking shit which I ignored, but this time I said if you really want to fight come to the gym Monday at 5:30. I don’t know what his problem is but he’s a big guy, like 6-6 and 270 pounds and just acts like a bully. That what he seems like to me, just a bully. He showed up at 6:10, 40 mins into my practice. And then I asked him if he wanted to fight Rakim or me and Rakim is bigger then me so of course he chose me.

Neer also released some of the messaged he received from Martin (below)

fool who challenged Neer

fool who challenged Neer 2

You have to be a complete and utter fool to challenge a professional fighter. And picking Josh Neer of all people? wow… Either he didn’t know who Neer was, or he thought his size would give him a huge advantage – either way, it was a poor decision on his part (to say the least). Now people are saying Neer went too far, etc. Personally, I don’t think he did. This is a guy who’s 6’6″ 270 who promised to put Neer (5’11” 170) in the hospital. If this guy is trying to bully pro fighters, just imagine how he behaves toward regular guys walking down the street, or in a bar. He’s clearly a douchebag who got what he had coming to him. It could be argued that this should never have happened, which I agree with 100%. Meaning, don’t talk shit to pro fighters, and if you do, don’t actually challenge them to a fight, and if you do, don’t actually SHOW UP AT THE GYM!

UFC Special PED Press Conference (Video)

Unlike most of the UFC’s super, special, massive, big announcement press conferences, this one is actually worth watching. Basically, the UFC is stepping up drug testing (both in and out of competition) within the USA and abroad via a non-disclosed 3rd party regulating body (most likely WADA) in conjunction with local athletic commissions (if applicable). As well as expanding associated fines and suspensions, even suggesting possible 4 year suspensions like in the Olympics.

In my opinion, the UFC has finally handled this problem the way it should be handled. The in-house testing was just a bad idea across the board. First of all, it’s a huge conflict of interest to test your own athletes, not to mention the bungling of Cung Le’s situation. It just heaped a whole bunch of responsibility/culpability on the UFC and raised more questions than it answered.

Although Lorenzo claims that the Anderson Silva situation didn’t play a factor in this decision, it seems pretty clear that the immediate PR nightmare spurred them into action. They had to dig deep into their pockets, give WADA the $60,000 per athlete per year (they probably got a better deal than that) that is required, and prove that they are truly interested in cleaning up the PED problem in the UFC.

Interestingly though, they didn’t spend much time talking about “banned substances” which struck me as a bit odd, but still, PEDs are the real problem, not marijuana or even cocaine. Lorenzo mentioned that athletes are not supposed to be tested for banned substances out of competition, only PEDs.

One thing is for sure, fighters will be scrambling to adapt to these changes, resulting in guys getting caught using, missing weight due to lack of diuretics, and possibly even lackluster performances on fight night. We might even see some fighters just hang it up and call it a career.

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